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[S7E2] Shine In The Sky

Carol has been one of the most consistently compelling characters on The Walking Dead for several seasons now, thanks in large part to Melissa McBride's nuanced performance, and she got a welcome chance to shine this week, proving that some of the most effective comedy is nonverbal.

[S7E2] Shine in the Sky

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While Boss Hogg is busy counting out his moonshine money, he is robbed of $30,000 of that money by Neil Bishop (Fred McCarren), a chicken farmer that Boss sold some defective farming equipment to, and Boss knew the equipment was defective. Neil robbed Boss in order to get back the money that he paid Boss for the equipment. Boss thinks that Bo was the robber, and he tells Rosco. Neil ends up at the Duke farm after Daisy makes acquaintance with him at the Boar's Nest. When the Dukes hear about what Boss did to Neil, they decide to turn the tables on Boss by sending revenuer Harvey Essex (Stu Nisbet) after Boss.

Boss Hogg buys an old tank to use in his J. D. Hogg War Memorial in front of the Boars Nest. Things get out of hand when the Dukes try to help old family friend Hard Luck Jones (Fred Stuthman) kick the habit of running moonshine, and Hard Luck swipes the tank to use as a rolling still. When Bo and Luke try to help Hard Luck, and the tank gets stuck on Duke property, it turns into a race to get rid of the tank before Boss Hogg and local ATF agent Buchanon (John Crawford) find them. As it turns out, Boss is using the tank as a storage place for contraband cigarettes.

Boss Hogg wants the Dukes out of his way for good so they cannot interfere with his scams, so he calls his college-educated nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) to come to Hazzard County and get the job done. Because Hughie is even sneakier than Boss Hogg is, Hughie just might be the man for the job. Hughie frames Daisy for running moonshine, and when Bo and Luke help her escape, Hughie videotapes the breakout, and takes off with Boss Hogg for Atlanta to turn the tape over to the state police. Since Hughie's tape makes Rosco look bad, Rosco tells the Dukes about Hughie's plan, and they all set out to stop Hughie and Boss before they reach Atlanta.

Chickasaw County moonshine dealer C. V. Gumble (Anne Haney) has customers who are demanding moonshine, but she does not have any to sell. Gumble calls Boss Hogg and tells him that she needs him to send a shipment of his moonshine to her, and she is willing to pay as much as 10 times the going rate, but Boss is having a hard time finding a driver who is not afraid of Chickasaw County Sheriff "Big Ed" Little (Don Pedro Colley). Bo is driving a car that he borrowed from Cooter. Bo is on his way to meet with a friend for a boar-hunting trip, and Boss and Rosco start chasing him. Boss and Rosco run Bo off the road, and when Bo gets out of the car, he trips and hits his head on a log. Boss and Rosco take Bo to the emergency room without telling Jesse, Luke, and Daisy. When Boss and Rosco are told that Bo has amnesia, Boss sees the perfect answer to his problem: he introduces himself as Bo's father and Rosco as Bo's uncle. Boss plans to get Bo to drive the moonshine into Chickasaw County. When Jesse, Luke, and Daisy figure out what Boss is up to, they have to get to Bo before Sheriff Little does.

Boss Hogg calls his nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) back to Hazzard to get rid of the Dukes. Hughie coaxes Bo and Luke into joining the Hazzard County Fire Department so that he and his two henchmen, Barclay (Pat Studstill) and Norris (Roger Torrey), can sneak moonshine to the Duke farm, and frame Bo and Luke for possession of moonshine. Hughie also swindles Boss out of everything Boss owns by having a phony IRS agent (John H. Fields) audit Boss. Now the Dukes and Boss have to team up to take Hazzard back from Hughie, while Rosco's sister and Lulu's sister-in-law Hortense Coltrane (Frances Bay) is in town for a visit.

Boss Hogg wants Jesse's famous moonshine recipe so he can sell it to Jasper Fenwick (Jim B. Baker), the biggest moonshine distributor in Georgia. When Jesse refuses to give it to him, Boss hires a crooked magician to frame Bo and Luke for stealing money intended for the orphanage, and then Boss asks Jesse for the moonshine recipe in exchange for the release of Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke will have to escape from jail and get to Jesse before Boss can succeed with his plan.

Floyd Calloway (R. G. Armstrong) has hired Matt Mallory (Rick Hill) and Lorna Mallory (Barbara Horan) to kill Boss Hogg because 20 years ago, Boss and Calloway were running moonshine together, and when federal agents started closing in on them, Boss turned state's evidence against Calloway so Boss could avoid prosecution. Feeling that Boss is in danger, the Dukes help Boss, and they plan to make Calloway think that Boss is dead. That way, Calloway and the Mallorys will leave Boss alone.

Bo and Luke have been overprotective towards Daisy ever since they have come back to Hazzard, so Daisy, who is tired of being smothered by Bo and Luke, decides to move into the rooming house that her friend Sally Jo (Jo McDonnell) lives in. The Beaudrys, a moonshining family from a remote part of Tennessee, come into Hazzard to make a moonshine deal with Boss Hogg. After realizing the importance of family, Daisy decides to return to the Duke farm, but Daisy, along with Rosco's dog Flash, is kidnapped by the Beaudrys. The Beaudrys also take $20,000 belonging to Boss Hogg. Milo Beaudry (Richard Moll) wants a dog and a wife, and he wants Daisy to be his wife. Bo, Luke, Jesse, Rosco, and Boss set off to rescue Daisy and Flash. To rescue Daisy and Flash, Bo and Luke must take to the air in a pair of ultralights. When the so-called preacher (Dennis Fimple) arrives, and Daisy is being forced at gunpoint to marry Milo, Bo and Luke show up to rescue Daisy and Flash. 041b061a72