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How To Hack Infinity Blade 100 LEGIT

As you progress through the game's tutorial, you will gain a +100 Water attack gem to equip on your infinity blade. Remove it immediately. Now complete the tutorial and start your rebirth. You should find the gem waiting in your inventory. You should equip it immediately and enjoy the huge attack boost (or you can sell it for a pile of gold, if you prefer).

How to hack Infinity Blade 100 LEGIT

The community debated whether this level was hacked or not, as the level was far too difficult for most players at the time. Most people accused Cyclic of hacking the level. Before 2.0, the level was replaced with a Back On Track remake, known commonly as Cyclic On Track. The level was eventually unrated through convoluted methods from the negative reception on August 7, 2015. In March 2016, Cyclic confessed to hacking both versions of Sonic Wave, verify-hacking the original and speed-hacking the buffdate. Shortly after, he admitted to hacking every other Demon he ever beat and quit Geometry Dash, deleting his YouTube channel that housed both verification videos. This confession resulted in Riot, Mefewe (both had been attempting the level since the buffdate's unveiling), and several other players attempting to become the first to beat it legitimately.

In June 2015, Korean player Cyclic released Sonic Wave, his new Nine Circles level. However, the level remained unrated due to a lack of a verification video, so he released a buff date in July with a proper video, and the level was rated for a short time. Players could not make much progress on the level, and many questioned Cyclic's legitimacy; this pressure from the community may have been the reason that led Cyclic to delete all his levels and quit the game.[1] After he did, many players like Riot and Mefewe made significant progress on Sonic Wave. Cyclic later returned to the game but did not talk much about the level. In March 2016, he confessed to hacking his verification of The Hell Zone, a collaboration that was a rebirth of a 1.2 level by Sohn0924 with the same name. Alongside that, he also admitted to hacking both versions of Sonic Wave, and a day later he told Riot that he had hacked every Demon uploaded to his YouTube channel. He then proceeded to delete all his videos and seemed to quit the game for good.[1]


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