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Total War Attila Optimization

The game looks absolutely fantastic so far, and honestly I'm just hoping that The Creative Assembly will manage to polish it nicely in time for release. Since they're not using their own IP, this time around they might give it a further round of bug fixing and optimization before hitting the shelves. Total War: Attila was a step in the right direction on that.

Total War Attila Optimization

Again, not really a graphics option that has any bearing whatsoever on performance, if Proximity Fading is toggled it simply makes units go transparent when you zoom right in on them, rather than going invisible. Whether you use this or not in Total War: Three Kingdoms is totally down to your personal preferences. It shouldn't impact your frame rate.

Another related question to game of thrones why did the mod creators of total war Attila never made another historical battle such as the battle of the trident where this battle determined who would be the new king on the iron throne where the north rebels against the mad king Aery's tarygen and the crown to restore order and peace during the reign of the mad king Aery's tarygen that features characters such as a young Robert Baratheon leading the northern rebels with northern generals such as a young ned stark against the crown including a young Rhaghar tarygen leading the crown's armies with the kingsguard such as the famous known ser barristen selmy the bold

I have a question why did the mod creators of total war Attila never or skipped on creating a historical battle such as the battle of Blackwater bay where Tyrion Lannister fought and the held the defense of king's landing until his father tywin Lannister and with house tryell allegiance to the crown with sir loras Tyrel wearing the former king renly Baratheon armor in battle against Stannis Baratheon and sir Davos seasworth along with his son mattes to retake the iron throne from Joffrey Lannister. another key factor that the mod creators missed is making the historical battle of the invasion of Winterfell by Stannis Baratheon where he invades Winterfell as to ascertain his potion as the king in the north where he fights against Ramsey Bolton to retake Winterfell. Another key factor is that they should include lady brinne of tarth finally killing Stannis Baratheon for retribution against killing his own younger brother renly Baratheon. I feel like the mod creators while they were making other game of thrones mods they skipped out on making the historical battles such as the Blackwater bay and the first invasion against Winterfell by Stannis Baratheon

I know this Total War: Warhammer 3 optimization guide was pretty long so I wanted to summarize things here at the end. I came up with two fairly balanced configurations and I suggest you try both of them and see which one works best for you. Here they are:

Fatigue is extremely important in Ancient Empires as it ties in directly with morale. Fatigue penalties can be severe, such as a totally exhausted unit which will face -8 to its morale, which can be more than the total morale of some units. (See morale for values) This may seem too harsh especially coming from other total war experiences, but this is historical and realistic to ancient combat and human psychology. You have to imagine you have just been forced to run 5 miles, you are completely drained and only want to drop to the floor, and then you are expected to fight in combat, for untrained conscripted levies, this is too much and they will likely just leave. Higher morale units will hold, but will be much easier to route. It should be noted that units with the "Highly trained" Attribute will only face half penalties from fatigue, such as -4 from exhaustion rather than -8. Exhaustion is an extreme example and is only achieved if your unit runs across most of the battlefield or fights for a very long time, most of the time your units will be within Active to Very Tired.

4K Ultra is a bit much for most users, while 1440p tends to be far more approachable. The current DX11 retail release still can't breach 60 fps (in our test sequence) with a GTX 1080, but R9 390 and GTX 970 and above can at least reach a relatively smooth 30+ fps. The 980 Ti/Titan X sit around the 50 fps mark, if you're wondering, which indicates many of our GPUs are hitting CPU bottlenecks; we'll get into that more below, but this is basically a poster child game for benefiting from DX12 optimizations.

Armies and navies have changeable stances on the campaign map. Stances determine factors such as total movement points per turn or the ability to deploy traps for an ambush. The "Forced March" stance allows an army to march further, but will tire out its soldiers, reducing their fighting ability and leaving them vulnerable to ambush; the "Defensive Stance" enables fortifications such as stakes or redoubts and the "Ambush Stance" enables traps such as fireballs and sulphur pits. Armies and fleets can contain a maximum of 20 units and must have a general or admiral to lead them. A faction's power, or "imperium", determines the number of armies it can raise. A faction can gain more imperium by conquering more regions or acquiring more gold. Players can also name units in an army and change their emblems.[10]

Upon the game's initial release many users reported technical faults such as being unable to load the game following installation, crashes, texture optimization problems, and broken artificial intelligence; poor game performance was also constantly reported.[48][49] In a negative review by Rich Stanton for The Guardian, he reports having to re-download the full game following problems with his own review copy, noting that his "PC runs Shogun II at ultra settings without any issues but Rome II on medium makes it "choke like a dog", and judging by the developer's own forum many others are having the same issues."[41] On the official forums, an "anonymous developer" from another studio posted his own complaints, including numerous bugs and poorly implemented features such as "capture the flag" style battles, feeling that the game had "comprehensively failed" to be tested and blaming the publisher Sega for its state on release.[50] A review by critic and comedian Joe Vargas (aka Angry Joe) also complained about AI problems and unit balancing with in-game video examples while also noting differences with the preview builds,[51] while William Usher of Cinema Blend supported Vargas' review while questioning other reviews due to the number of reported problems on release prior to patching.[52] Following its release, developer The Creative Assembly announced regular patching in order to fix the reported issues, with the first update coming the Friday the same week of release.[53] On the Total War official forums, admins on behalf of Creative Director Mike Simpson issued an apology along with a statement, promising to further patch the game, encouraging players to report all problems given the variety and difference of issues between players.[54] Simpson would later go on to state, in a second public announcement about new and upcoming fixes, about asking for further player input while also "hoping we can fundamentally treat our releases differently in the future."[55]

The real voice limit in Unity refers to the total number of actual audible sounds. For example, if you reduced the real voice limit to one, you would only be able to hear one sound at any one time. Once the real voice limit is reached, additional sounds are prioritised and virtualised.

Choosing PCM, for example, will increase the total size of the installed application while using the default OGG Vorbis will reduce it, at the expense of needing to decompress the file when the Audio Clip is loaded.


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