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Sweet Teen Nudists ((BETTER))

That led to compelling scenes of Hewett being Hewett: at home with his wife and two kids; working with deputies to open a tractor-trailer that turns out to be stuffed with surprising contraband; busting an illegal video poker operation, where he sweet-talks the proprietor into revealing the location of the cash proceeds.

sweet teen nudists

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Working as a journalist for the Vancouver Sun, Bob Hunter once described the city thusly: ''In Vancouver in 1971, we have the biggest concentration of tree-huggers, draft-dodgers, shit-disturbing unionists, radical students, garbage dump stoppers, freeway fighters, pot smokers, vegetarians, nudists, Buddhists, fish preservationists, and back-to-the-landers on the planet. And we are all haunted by the spectre of a dead world.''

I remember the nature of that time, but only vaguely. Through the magic of film, it all comes flooding back in archival images that remind of the innocence and sweetness of the place and its people. Long before glass towers crowded out the sky and money became the lingua franca in Vancouver, a raggedy bunch of bearded hippies and radicals were hanging out in Kitsilano, planning to change the world. Scenes of the city, the Vancouver Aquarium, and Kits Beach are interspersed with footage of the earliest Greenpeace campaigns when the organization had little more than gumption and Cowichan sweaters, and luckily a camera to document the action. The power of image to shape and change people's minds has been so overused that it has lost meaning, but it is newly minted in this film, and bright with promise. As Hunter understood, a single frame can change almost everything. 041b061a72


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