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Download Lootmoney MOD V1.0 (8 KB)

It's possible since CoC development is in overdrive right now, but I'll do my best to update these as necessary (shouldn't be difficult, bit of copypasta). If it were to cause any problems, it's as simple as removing the 3 files from gamedata\scripts\: xr_corpse_detection, xr_motivator, and lootmoney :)

Download Lootmoney MOD v1.0 (8 KB)

I think you'll find this version much better than the previous one. The amount of money you get from each corpse has decreased, but you can edit the multiple fields in lootmoney.script in parenthesis to your liking: "math.random(25,400)" -- first value is the low end, 2nd value is the high end regarding probability 041b061a72


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