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Baron of Godsmere: Book One by Tamara Leigh, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Baron of Godsmere: A Medieval Romance That Will Captivate You

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in medieval England, where lords and ladies fought for power, honor, and love? If you are a fan of historical romance novels, you might want to check out Baron of Godsmere: A Medieval Romance, by Tamara Leigh. This is the first book in The Feud series, which follows three noble families who are entangled in a long-standing feud that threatens their lives and lands. In this book, you will meet Bayard Boursier, a baron who is forced to marry one of his enemies' daughters, Elianor of Emberly, a lady who is determined to stop him from taking her father's lands. What follows is a captivating story of passion, betrayal, redemption, and faith that will keep you hooked until the end.

baron of godsmere book one


In this article, I will review Baron of Godsmere and discuss its historical setting, themes, and style. I will also provide some insights into Tamara Leigh's writing career and achievements. By reading this article, you will learn more about this fascinating book and why you should give it a try.

The Historical Setting of Baron of Godsmere

One of the most impressive aspects of Baron of Godsmere is its historical setting. The book takes place in England in 1333, during the reign of King Edward III. This was a turbulent time in English history, marked by political instability, social unrest, foreign wars, and plague outbreaks. The feudal system was still dominant, but it was also challenged by rising merchants, peasants, and clergy. The nobility was divided by factions and loyalties, often resulting in violent conflicts over land and power.

Tamara Leigh does an excellent job of portraying this complex and dynamic historical context in her book. She incorporates many historical details and facts into her story, such as names, dates, places, events, customs, laws, and costumes. She also shows how the historical setting affects the lives and choices of her characters, who have to deal with the realities and challenges of their time. For example, Bayard Boursier is a victim of his lord's treachery, who strips him of his lands and titles and gives them to his rivals. Elianor of Emberly is a pawn of her father's ambition, who uses her as a bargaining chip to secure his alliance with the king. Both of them are subject to the king's decree of marriage, which forces them to wed each other to end their feud.

The historical setting of Baron of Godsmere not only adds realism and credibility to the story, but also creates a rich and colorful backdrop for the romance and adventure that unfold in the book.

The Theme of Love and Marriage in Baron of Godsmere

Another important aspect of Baron of Godsmere is its theme of love and marriage. The book explores the different facets and challenges of love and marriage in medieval times, such as duty, honor, loyalty, trust, respect, attraction, affection, and compatibility. It also shows how love and marriage can change and grow over time, especially when faced with adversity and conflict.

The main characters, Bayard and Elianor, have a rocky start to their relationship. They are enemies by birth, strangers by choice, and forced spouses by law. They have many reasons to hate and distrust each other, such as their family feud, their personal prejudices, and their conflicting interests. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to see each other in a different light. They discover that they have more in common than they thought, such as their courage, intelligence, compassion, and faith. They also develop a physical attraction and an emotional bond that surprises and confuses them.

The theme of love and marriage in Baron of Godsmere reflects Tamara Leigh's message and perspective on this topic. She believes that love and marriage are gifts from God that should be cherished and nurtured. She also believes that love and marriage are not based on superficial appearances or feelings, but on deeper values and commitments. She demonstrates this through her characters' journey from hatred to friendship, from friendship to love, and from love to marriage.

The Theme of Revenge and Forgiveness in Baron of Godsmere

A third aspect of Baron of Godsmere is its theme of revenge and forgiveness. The book depicts the consequences and costs of revenge and forgiveness in a feud-driven society, where violence, hatred, and vengeance are common and expected. It also shows how revenge and forgiveness relate to the moral and spiritual values of the book.

The main characters, Bayard and Elianor, are both affected by the desire for revenge and the need for forgiveness. Bayard wants revenge against his lord who betrayed him and his enemies who wronged him. He also wants forgiveness from himself for his past mistakes and from God for his sins. Elianor wants revenge against Bayard who threatens her family and her home. She also wants forgiveness from him for her actions against him and from God for her doubts.

The theme of revenge and forgiveness in Baron of Godsmere is connected to the Christian faith that Tamara Leigh professes and promotes in her book. She believes that revenge is a destructive force that only leads to more pain and suffering. She also believes that forgiveness is a healing force that only leads to more peace and joy. She illustrates this through her characters' transformation from enemies to allies, from allies to lovers, and from lovers to spouses.

The Style and Tone of Baron of Godsmere

A final aspect of Baron of Godsmere is its style and tone. The book uses language, imagery, dialogue, and narration to create a vivid and engaging story that appeals to a wide range of readers. The book also balances humor, drama, action, and romance to enhance its appeal and effectiveness.

Tamara Leigh has a knack for writing captivating prose that draws the reader into the story. She uses descriptive words and phrases that evoke the senses and emotions of the reader. She also uses metaphors and similes that enrich the meaning and impact of the text. For example, she writes: "He was fire; she was ice" (p. 121), "Her heart was a bird fluttering against the bars of a cage" (p. 157), "His words were like honey on her tongue" (p. 211).

and expressions that suit the characters' backgrounds, statuses, and attitudes. She also uses humor, sarcasm, irony, and wit to spice up the conversations and interactions between the characters. For example, she writes: "I am not a horse to be traded" (p. 47), "You are a stubborn mule" (p. 95), "You have a tongue sharper than a sword" (p. 139).

Tamara Leigh also has a skill for writing compelling narration that moves the story forward and keeps the reader interested. She uses different points of view, such as third-person omniscient and third-person limited, to show the thoughts and feelings of the characters. She also uses different techniques, such as flashbacks, foreshadowing, suspense, and cliffhangers, to create tension and intrigue in the plot. For example, she writes: "He had a secret that could ruin everything" (p. 76), "She had a plan that could save everything" (p. 181), "He was about to make a mistake that could cost everything" (p. 256).

The style and tone of Baron of Godsmere not only make it an enjoyable and entertaining read, but also a powerful and persuasive one.


In conclusion, Baron of Godsmere is a medieval romance novel that will captivate you with its historical setting, themes, and style. It is a book that will transport you to another time and place, where you will witness the struggles and triumphs of two people who are destined to be together. It is also a book that will inspire you with its message of love, faith, and forgiveness.

If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, cry, sigh, and cheer, you should give Baron of Godsmere a try. You will not regret it.

Here are some FAQs about Baron of Godsmere that you might find helpful:


  • Who is Tamara Leigh?

Tamara Leigh is a USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty-five medieval and contemporary romance novels. She has been writing since 1993 and has won several awards and accolades for her work. She is also a Christian who writes inspirational fiction that honors God and uplifts readers.

  • What is The Feud series?

The Feud series is a trilogy of medieval romance novels that follows three noble families who are involved in a feud that spans over twenty-five years. The series consists of Baron of Godsmere, Baron of Emberly, and Baron of Blackwood. Each book focuses on a different couple and their journey to love and peace.

  • What are some other books by Tamara Leigh?

Some other books by Tamara Leigh are The Age of Faith series, which is a seven-book series set in medieval England and France; The Southern Discomfort series, which is a three-book series set in contemporary Georgia; and The Bride series, which is a four-book series set in medieval England.

  • Where can I buy Baron of Godsmere?

You can buy Baron of Godsmere on or You can also read it for free with Kindle Unlimited or listen to it with Audible.

  • How can I contact Tamara Leigh?

You can contact Tamara Leigh through her website, where you can also find more information about her books, her blog, her newsletter, and her social media links.



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