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Buy And Trade Clothes

Wear your values! By choosing Fairtrade certified cotton products, you are creating a more equitable trading landscape for (and with!) farmers and workers. Fairtrade certified cotton is produced in accordance with our rigorous environmental, economic and social standards that are unique to this commodity.

buy and trade clothes

Education for members was the second largest area in which cotton producers chose to invest their Fairtrade Premium in 2017-2018. This includes things like continuing education for women like Lalita who attended a sewing course started by the Fairtrade cotton farmers. Now, she is able to save money for her family by making clothes and mending cotton collecting sacks.

Join us in changing the world through organic, fair trade fashion. For over 24 years, we have worked with artisans to create sustainable clothing that is as soft on the earth as it is on your skin, impeccably handmade and unique. We are proud to be a founding B Corp and have helped set industry standards for organic and fair trade clothing. Our mission is to create beautiful clothes in an ethical way, while supporting the artisans behind our organic clothing, and preserving our shared natural resources. Discover clothing that fits your style and your values. Sustainable and ethical by design.

Our name, Amani ya Juu, is a Swahili saying which means Peace from Above." We are a social economic enterprise committed to peace and reconciliation for women from many African nations and cultures. We use beautiful African materials to create high quality fair trade home goods and accessories. Through our faith in God who provides a transcendent peace, we heal from the past. Together we grow in dignity and respect for one another.

Welcome to Tattered Trading. We're a resale clothing store where we buy, sell, and trade with our customers. That means we buy used clothing direct from your closet and give you cash or store credit.

I heard about Just Between Friends from a friend of mine and am so happy to know about it! It's a one-stop-shop for all things baby/toddler/kid. It's full of great deals and has everything from clothes to books to toys and pretty much anything else you ever would need. A wonderful sale and community! 041b061a72


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