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Under Tail New Cbr 150 2016

Honda CBR 150 R (2012-2017) has 3 videos of its first drive review, detailed Hindi review, test drive experience, upcoming bike & scooters, new launches info review, features, specs, and more. Watch our Latest video of Honda CBR 150 R (2012-2017) to know the price, features & more.

under tail new cbr 150 2016

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PT Astra Honda Motor has launched the 2016 Honda CBR150R in the presence of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez, the racers of Repsol Honda (MotoGP racing team), at the at the Sentul International Circuit. The model is priced in the range of IDR 32.9 million (INR 1.65 lakh) to IDR 33.3 million (INR 1.68 lakh), with the latter applicable to the top-end version with Repsol Honda MotoGP livery.

The 2016 CBR150R is powered by the same 150 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder fuel-injected engine but it is tilted forward by 40 degrees and is tuned for higher performance. The motor produces 18.28 bhp and 12.66 Nm, and is mated to a six-speed gearbox.

Featuring a more accurate nose down-tail up design language, the new Honda CBR150R looks sharp and the styling is similar to the one seen on the updated CBR500R introduced late last year. In fact, the baby CBR looks sharper with the new front fascia that now comes with split LED headlamps, while the side fairing is tweaked for a slender look complimenting the contoured fuel tank. As a result, the new CBR150R is more aerodynamic that will not help in achieving a higher top speed but also improved fuel efficiency.

The tail section has risen further on the 2016 Honda CBR150R due to the swingarm now being longer by 13mm and works well to provide the right stance. The split seats are new and get improved cushioning with the pillion seat shaped to resemble a cowl. Other updates include LED tail lamp and turn indicators, a completely digital instrument console and slightly tweaked switch gear. No engine kill switch still though. Completing the package are the new wavy alloy wheels and a longer side mounted exhaust.

Unlike its predecessor, the 2016 Honda CBR150R is clearly designed to feel more track dedicated and definitely looks the part. The Japanese manufacturer has also reworked on the diamond frame that is now lighter and gets a centralized engine weight with the unit moved forward by 40-degrees, whereas the riding position is sportier with the foot peg position changed. The bike rides on 100/80/R17 front and 130/70/R17 rear tubeless tyres and has a kerb weight of 135 kg. The fuel tank capacity remains 12-litres.

Power on the 2016 Honda CBR150R facelift continues to come from the same 149.16cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine with fuel injection that gets a re-mapped ECU uprated to produce 17.1PS at 9000rpm and 13.7Nm of peak torque at 7000rpm. The motor is paired to a 6-speed gearbox. Other mechanical bits continue to remain the same with telescopic front forks and a monoshock setup at the rear. The new CBR150R is available in three colour options including Racing Red, Revolution White, Nitro Black and the flagship Repsol edition.

Talking about the India launch of the 2016 CBR150R, it is likely that Honda just might bring in the new model after skipping the pre-facelift version entirely. That said, pricing will remain a key factor for the model which continues to be one of the major deterrents for the outgoing model in the country.

Masih tentang CBR Bro & Sis, khususnya untuk new CBR150R selain cover bagian bawah undertail CBR ada juga undertail utuh atau full undertail untuk Honda CBR. Jadi kalau Bro & Sis punya Honda CBR dan ingin mengganti undertailnya tanpa memotong bodi samping yang pernah dijelaskan proses pemasangannya di sini, bisa juga mengaplikasiakan undertail jenis ini.

2016 Honda CBR 150R was launched in Indonesia earlier this year. Compared to the CBR150R on sale in India, the new one is not only visibly different, but is also different mechanically. Priced between IDR 32.5 million (INR 1.65 lakhs) and IDR 33.3 million (INR 1.70 lakhs), new CBR 150R is lighter, sportier and faster than ever before.

2016 Honda CBR150R sports a host of onboard updates. It gets a more aggressive stance with front fairing featuring all-LED headlights, LED turn indicators, digital instrument cluster, LED taillights, split seats with rear seat cowl shorter than before.

2016 Honda CRB150R as it continues to be powered by the same 150cc liquid cooled engine, which generates 17.1 PS power at 9,000 rpm and 13.7 Nm torque at 7,000 rpm mated to a 6 speed gearbox, Honda claims that the engine is more refined to deliver better response. A lighter chassis and repositioned engine offers better handling onboard the 2016CBR150R. Apart from this, improvements in aerodynamics have resulted in a higher top speed and enhanced fuel efficiency.

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Hey guys im little confused.. Which one is the best??? Honda Cbr 150r(2016) or bajaj pulsar rs 200?? Rs looks great but my friend says that lot of vibrations are coming out from the rs... So anyone suggest me the best please.........

Wow the looks of this one is far better than old cbr nd current r15 but why the brake horse power is reduced to [email protected] would dominate the sports bike segment in india with this bike but the old gen high rev DOHC engine which generated [email protected] was very awsome machine by HONDA.That bike(old cbr) can easily beat any bike upto as200 in a 1km drag race(my personal experience).Hope this underpowered engine perform good on the road coz torque figures seems to be improved well.

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