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Tmpgenc 4 Xpress Serial Number Te4x HOT!

To begin, I connected my PxVC1100 to my Q-See0 driver. The card supports up to three different ways to connect to the driver. Firstly, you have the serial port, which is the old method used in the xpress 2x series. The advantage of this method is that it is basically plug-and-play. That is, there is no software that needs to be installed or anything that needs to be configured. To my surprise, the PxVC1100 only has one serial port. However, I had previously used two of them in one of my reviews, so I understand the lack of another. Fortunately, the VC-M Series uses the same connection port as the Xpress 2x. The only difference is that you need to find a VC-M adapter cable. I made one up and tested it out, and it worked perfectly.

tmpgenc 4 xpress serial number te4x

The second method of connection is via the USB port. The card is designed to plug in here, similar to how you would connect to other components. To my surprise, it is possible to boot off the device, although it seems to cause a lot of problems. One nice thing about the serial connection method is that it allows you to copy your video file from the hard drive to the PxVC1100. You can even use the Xpress to pull media files off of a network, if you wish.

The third and final way the PxVC1100 can be connected to the driver is via the Video Port. This method can be used if you wish to utilize the card's multiple features. Unfortunately, I have had no luck connecting this way. After trying every combination of controllers that I could think of, all that I can say is that the PxVC1100 doesn't seem to like the Video Port with the Q-See0 driver. I was tempted to use the Xpress to copy the video file to the PxVC1100 so that I could test out the Video Port, but I honestly don't have a use for it yet. But, if you have one and it works with the PxVC1100, please let me know in the comments.


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