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C4V Rar

IDX/RETS vendors currently receiving data from all three (3) MLSs (CoOp vendors) will continue to receive the data for all three (3) through December 31, 2018. CVR MLS will be in contact with vendors and brokers in the coming months regarding signing updated data feed contracts for 2019.

C4V rar

Controlled Remote Viewing, or CRV, is a wonderful written method which allows a person to access his or her own intuition. Learning CRV will allow you, the Viewer, to describe any location, person, or thing anywhere in all of time or space!

All knowledge is available to the subconscious mind. The protocols and structure of CRV allow the Controlled Remote Viewer to bring information which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface and describe it.

The CRV process is designed to help the Viewer distinguish between imagination and true intuitive perceptions in order to extract the information he/she seeks. The structure and methodology of the CRV process is introduced step-by-step by guiding the student through actual sessions, utilizing real and progressively more complex target photos.

Intuitive Specialists uses a scientific method developed by Ingo Swann and Stanford Research Institute to teach individuals and corporations how to utilize the various parts of the brain to enhance cognitive and intuitive functioning for better strategic planning, decision making, and life choices.

Our method, called Controlled Remote Viewing is being used by law enforcement, archaeologists, authors, physicians, scientists, inventors and many others across the globe. Please peruse our website, check into all the nooks and crannies, and feast upon all the free goodies!

Chief Seattle said, "We are all children of the Great Spirit. We all belong to Mother Earth. Our planet is in great trouble, and if we keep carrying old grudges and do not work together, we will all die."

Nowadays, many people carry a niggling worry in the back of their minds that the planet is in trouble. We are becoming an endangered species. All of us face challenges, individually and collectively. What is the answer?

We must think outside the box. We need to develop tools, techniques, and technology that go beyond what has always been done. We need a "survival tool" for the days ahead. What is this survival tool? Keep reading!

My name is Lori Williams, owner and Director of Intuitive Specialists. With over 20 years' experience as a remote viewer, I have been teaching Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and several post-advanced, professional CRV courses as well as several other related remote viewing courses for many years. (For more detailed information about my course offerings, see the "Classes" tab, above.)

Although I am using more of my own curriculums and creating new, updated course manuals, some of the curriculums I still use were written by Lyn Buchanan, author of "The Seventh Sense" and a distinguished remote viewer, retired from the Stargate remote viewing unit.

Lyn Buchanan began mentoring me in April of 1997, and we have collaborated frequently ever since. I taught my first CRV course in 2001, and have had the honor of teaching CEO's of major corporations, celebrities, #1 NY Times best selling authors, archeologists, scientists, physicians, stay-at-home moms and dads, as well as hundreds of students from all walks of life throughout the world -- many through extremely advanced levels. As a remote viewer, I have worked both nationally and internationally with individuals, corporations, archeologists, medical doctors, law enforcement, and more.

Are you starting a business? Involved in Strategic Planning? Do you want to enhance your abilities as an Intuitive? CRV can help you to improve your situation. Learn from one of the most experienced and active instructors available today. For more information, read through the website or Contact Us here. Be sure to sign up for our free resources by filling out the form in the side bar to the right.

Many years ago, a Russian man defected to the United States. He carried papers with him, indicating that the Russian government had a very active "psychic spying unit." (Ahhhh... So that's how they had been getting all of our best-kept secrets!) Never to be outdone, the U.S. government decided that if the Russians had such a program, we had better find a way to develop one, too.

So with the help of two eminent scientists at California's Stanford Research Institute (Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ) and a well-known psychic artist (Ingo Swann), the CRV structure was developed. CRV is designed to open the door between the conscious and subconscious minds. It is set up in phases that allow the Viewer to move progressively from basic information to greater and greater detail. This methodology was utilized to supplement intelligence information for the government.

Currently, CRV is used by corporations, archeologists, businessmen, physicians, and law enforcement, to name a few. If you would like to know how CRV can help you meet your goals and enhance your life, contact us at

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Get started today with a free trial of Dragonframe 5 stop motion software. This is an opportunity to test your camera and familiarize yourself with the features of the program. Learn more about Dragonframe.

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