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Buy Charms For Jewelry Making

We stock a huge selection of Charms and Pendants at, featured in a variety of metals. Cast Pewter Charms, Sterling Silver Pendants, Gold Filled Charms, Base Metal Pendants and more! And we proudly carry the TierraCast line of Charms, known for their quality and selection. If you need Charms or Pendants for your next bracelet or jewelry design, is the place to find them!

buy charms for jewelry making

I hope you enjoy this list of the best places to buy beads online! I usually do my bead and jewelry making supplies shopping online, and so I decided to share with you some of my favorite resources to go along with all my jewelry making tutorials (check out this wire wrap stone to start!). Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. This post was originally published August 2015 and was updated in 2019 to reflect current favorites.

Rio Grande supports the art and industry of jewelry-making with a one-stop selection, exemplary service, technical expertise, and educational support. We are a leading provider of precious materials, bench supplies, customization, and cutting-edge technologies.

We have hundreds of silver, brass, copper and gold charms in stock and are constantly bringing in new shapes and styles to suit the latest jewellery making fashions. Choose from animal charms, good luck charms, wedding charms, message charms, heart charms and lots more.

There are so many options to choose from, such as cute anime charms, Star Wars charms, Marvel charms. They can come in a variety of materials, for example, dog charms, Marvel charms, and many more to choose from. Fortunately charms can be used as a gift, and for the occasion to be a friend of a customer. Are you looking for a little more in a variety of materials,'s suppliers, and even suppliers offer a wide range of cute characters charms to suit your customers' needs. also features a wide variety of options, such as cute Witch charms, Star Wars charms, Marvel charms, and more charms to make your customers more personalized and even cute Christmas charms. Some are even made with sterling silver charms and a transferable option.

Some charms are made of precious diamonds, for example, gold charms and rose gold charms, and precious diamonds are used to decorate them. For example, gold charms and silver charms can be used to decorate a wedding or party, and example charms are gold charms and rose gold charms, for example and precious diamonds are used to decorate them.

There are other charms that can be a good addition to any necklace, bracelet. Most of them also come in a range of colors, from wholesale charms and charmles to Alibaba. Choose from precious stone charms to precious stone charms.

When we shop around craft stores, it seems that their stocks appear all the same from no more than a handful of mass producers, making it extremely difficult to pick up outstanding pieces, let alone find the decently priced stuff.

Some like to call this the mother of all beading sites, and this accolade is not without itsmerit! Whether you make jewelry for business or as a hobby, you can find anything and everything you ever needed for your jewelry craft here.

Free tutorials on designing jewelry, excellent customer service, all shipments regardless of size are charged $5 flat for shipping, and the easy user navigation all make Firemountain Gems the best website any jewelry artist can ever find.

It has an impressive collection of jewelry findings, but what I find even more interesting are the non-conventional crafting supplies that are outside of the jewelry aisle. This stuff can be wonderful sources to make pendants, earrings, and other unique pieces. Ornamentia is a large craft supply site that includes mixed media supplies including jewelry making tools, beads, and findings. They offer free shipping on orders over $50.00 in the U.S. Their blog, Shiny Little Things, is about mixed media crafts and jewelry making and is maintained by the staff of the bricks-and mortar shop in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Bumbershoot Designs and Supplies Bumbershoot specializes in high quality antique and contemporary materials for jewelry and mixed media art including vintage beads, rhinestones, cabochons, buttons, trims and more. They also have an Etsy shop of the same name.

Chain The Chain Gallery specializes in chain, as the name indicates. They are known for their quality jewelry chain and have supplied the fashion industry as well as small scale crafters with their own manufactured chain as well as imported varieties. They also carry other jewelry making supplies such as licorice leather and a variety of clasps.