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Shemale Dead

Does this name ring the bell to anyone? Hotaru was a famous Japanese actress and a popular blogger among all things. Despite her active role in HIV and AIDS scenery, Anna did not have the illness herself. Not sure how wrong it is to masturbate to dead pornstars, but you should watch her scenes.

shemale dead

Hotaru was a god-like figure among porn viewers, mostly due to her ability to ejaculate on the spot. She was found dead at her own home although experts rejected suicide or foul play causes. Instead, everyone believes that she has simply suffocated from the asthma attack.

A Canadian pornstar that was as popular as any other A-level performer, Shyla Stylez died of unknown causes. She was found unconscious in her bed and was later pronounced dead by the medical personnel. So naturally, her fanbase was devastated and no wonder. After all, she was one of the top 10 pornstars of all-time by many. Yes, including our list.

Just a few weeks after August Ames has passed away, another popular pornstar left everyone speechless. At first, the media connected two deaths for reasons that make no sense. Although afterward they revealed that Yurizan was found dead in her bed.

He got extremely drunk and fell over the stairs at the hotel. It was a fall of 4 floors, so not exactly a cakewalk. Unfortunately, due to the severity of his injuries, doctors could not do much but pronounce him dead.

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