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Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 Download !EXCLUSIVE!l

In fact, the first thing that strikes you when you first play it, is just how similar to the first game this is, with all the small refinements and improvements you expect from a sequel. As before, youcommand the elite Hazard Team, sent out to do all the violent, dirty jobs those alien-hugging Federation officers won't touch. The first mission works as a transition between ships, set as it is in the Borg sphere seen in the very last episode of Voyager before they finally reach Earth. Unfortunately, the inside of a Borg ship isn't the best place to start a game: very small corridors, identical looks to the original (it almost feels like a cut and paste job) and enemies that have been so overused you can't be bothered to shoot them any more.

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force 2 Downloadl

The supposedly sentient creatures aren't much smarter. In one mission, Munro is forced to flee a mercenary starbase when a price is suddenly put on his head. I'm willing to bet most of these "mercenaries" were either unemployed or on disability, because few of them showed much in the way of combat skills or intelligence, often standing still or out in the open waiting to get shot. Every trick in the book is used to cover up the low-class AI, from sneaky enemy placement and aliens bursting out of walls to the cheap tactic of respawning new enemies via teleportation.


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