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In AutoCAD, drawings are used to document 3D models. The points, lines, circles, and other primitives can be rendered as graphics or can be used to create the vertices in an instance of a 3D model.

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The AutoCAD technical documentation is extensive. In addition to being involved in most of the design activities of the organization, the documentation team is also responsible for writing the official documentation of AutoCAD.

Hi there! This is one of many tutorials on our page that we are adding with time. The AutoCAD 2012 Top 12 Factor is the first in the list as it contains some of the most powerful tools that are available for AutoCAD. This new release is based on AutoLISP, the scripting language that was introduced in AutoCAD 2010. In AutoCAD 2012, you can use AutoLISP by writing scripts in a new and versatile scripting language, although you will first have to learn the basics of the language. Read more

In the early 1990s, while Alias had been working on AutoCAD, The Blair and Neugebauer families of the Neugebauer Corporation had designed the VectorWorks CAD system. AutoCAD then offered several features such as snap-to objects, snap to intersections, line brakes, hold and move, tangent circles, dimensions, 3D modeling and others. Later VectorWorks users decided to buy AutoCAD from Alias, which was designed with the VectorWorks system in mind, and they began to work on an add-on package to AutoCAD known as AutoCAD PowerCAD. In 1997, they had the package ready, and AutoCAD 2000, which was released in the same year, included this as an add-on application.


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