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Offensive Security Pwb V 30 Course Video Download

the course wont be offering the coursework itself until next fall (after everyone takes the course), but we will have a contest to have the best blog post on the blog. the contest will involve a prize for the best post (donated by offensive security) and bragging rights to the top of the leaderboard.

Offensive Security Pwb V 30 Course Video Download

one final thing. you may have noticed that i mentioned several times that offensive security offers this course as a video course. i hope you find that its much easier to consume a video, but i will mention that there are some great benefits to the more traditional classroom format. if you are attending the course, you will be given some pre-study materials to help you prepare. the first day of class will be devoted to reviewing those materials as well as getting you up to speed on the course itself. the second day of class will be devoted to executing the exercises, but you will need to be prepared to do a dry-run on each exercise at least a few times. this ensures youre not wasting your time when you get to the live lab.

you have been given access to all the materials from the course. you will be asked to do everything we do in class and the lab. if you do not have the lab access, you will need to work on your own. you will be required to create a script that will solve each exercise given to you. the script will be the equivalent of the lab exercises. your lab is yours to do what you want, but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the lab hours. we will review any work you submit, but you are welcome to submit any work in any format.

the final step in this section is to score the exam using the exam engine. the exam engine is a great free service that you can use to take your owasp test or the exam for this course. youll find that the exam engine is quite simple to use and has an easy to follow interface. you can configure all sorts of response options and display options and the score engine will give you a score based on the configuration you choose. if you have the skills to score your own exam, you can also get your own custom score for $20, which is a great option.


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