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Woh Bangaya Killer Part 2: Watch the Official Teaser and Trailer Here

Woh Bangaya Killer Part 2 Hindi Movie Download diamond freud meille

What is Woh Bangaya Killer Part 2?

Woh Bangaya Killer Part 2 is an upcoming Hindi movie that is a sequel to Woh Bangaya Killer, a revenge, action, and romance movie that was released in 2018. The movie is produced, written, and directed by Dinesh Makwana, who also directed the first part.

Woh Bangaya Killer Part 2 Hindi Movie Download diamond freud meille

A brief summary of the movie

The movie follows the story of Dharmesh, a young man who becomes a killer after his girlfriend Kajal is brutally raped and murdered by a gang of criminals. Dharmesh vows to take revenge on all those who were involved in his girlfriend's death. He kills them one by one using his skills and intelligence. However, he also faces many challenges and enemies along the way, who try to stop him or kill him. In Woh Bangaya Killer Part 2, Dharmesh returns as a more powerful and ruthless killer who has to face a new threat that is related to his past.

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie stars Dharmesh Makwana as Dharmesh, Kajal Patel as Kajal, Vijay S. Kumar as Vijay, Sona Yadav as Sona, Soma Verma as Soma, Mayuri Waghmare as Mayuri, Prabha Salve as Prabha, Shailesh Punjabi as Shailesh, Vala Saheb Bhau as Vala Saheb Bhau, Ashok Ghagh as Ashok Ghagh. The music of the movie is composed by Kaviraj Shahjanpur.

The release date and trailer of the movie

The movie is expected to release in 2023. The official teaser of the movie was released on YouTube on September 7th, 2022 by SSG PRE b70169992d


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