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Reindex Contacts Outlook For Mac

In the Terminal, reindex your Outlook database by using the following command and substituting your own user name for the placeholder:mdimport -g "/Applications/Microsoft Outlook Spotlight Importer.mdimporter" -d1 "/Users//Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/" Note In this command, the path after "-g" is the default path of the Outlook installation. The path after "-d1" is the default path of your profile, where is, by default Main Profile." You'll have to substitute your actual paths if you have renamed your profile or installed Outlook in a different location.

Reindex Contacts Outlook For Mac

These steps can be used if you are trying to search in Outlook for contacts or messages, but no results or incomplete results appear. The steps below will remove and rebuild the search index that each operating system and Outlook use to find content.

Currently on Monterey 12.6, I access outlook through my web browser (Safari) because it allows me to open 3 different email accounts for the same business. Previous I used the App, and every time I needed to access another email account I had to log out, so by opening the browser, plus 2 private windows I get to view all of my work email accounts.

Mac finds my mails in spotlight search but not in outlook app. I am also using macOs Ventura 13.0 and outlook 16.66. I started having this problem 3 weeks ago when I switched from another macbook device (Catalina) to the new one.

I have a new MBP M1, with fresh Monterey. I moved my data with the assistant from the old MBP, I have all the letters in Outlook (v15.46), but search in Outlook not works, it gives a "No results found" message in all folders. Old methods for reindex Spotlight is not working (eg. add and remove Main Profile to Spotlight). How can I solve this problem? Thanks

Right now I am using Mac Mail in parallel to be able to search all my mails from exchange and use outlook mainly for calendars. It's a ****** setup, but at least it works for now. Hoping for software updates soon.

Although all my contacts show up, if I try to search, for example, all the contacts for a specific company it fails to return any results. Or even if I don't want to search one by one in my list of contacts, which is well over 1000, if I put a name in the search field, it returns nobody, although I see the name enumerated in the list.

Out of curiosity, is when I search the Contact section of Outlook for the Mac 2016, a separate module, or is it globally controlled by Spotlight? As I can search successfully in other areas of Outlook, I dont want to break that functionality, if I reindex everything. Do you think a reindex would fix this issue?

Thank you for the info. I tried a few methods, only removing Outlook.sqllite file works for me. But when I restart my laptop then the outlook search is not working again and I have to repeat the step to remove Outlook.sqllite file. Is this normal? Mean each time when I launch outlook I need to remove Outlook.sqllite file first.

If you delete and resync your calendars, GWSMO might start syncing different calendars than before. If this happens, select which calendars you want to sync. For details, go to view and manage your calendars. If you delete and resync your personal contacts, empty Contact folders are removed from Outlook so you'll need to recreate them.

Note: The delete and re-sync option removes Outlook-specific data from your local profile. This includes all data Google doesn't store, such as follow-up flags, color categories, calendar attachments, and distribution lists (if you resync your contacts). However, it does so only for the data type you're syncing. You can therefore repair your calendars without losing mail categories, or repair your mail without losing distribution lists from your contacts. For details on what isn't synced with Google, and would therefore be lost when using this option, go to What's synchronized between Outlook and Google Workspace?

3. Now wait until Spotlight reindex your entire drive. You can monitor the process if you click at Spotlight Search icon at the upper-right corner. When the indexing is completed (100%) then proceed and try the Outlook search.

same problem here but finally found what works for me. I reindexed, I removed my account and added it again, I even migrated my laptop all over again and nothing. Finally what worked was to reindex the entire hard drive. I spent 2 long days trying to get this figured out.1.Make sure outlook is closed, click on apple icon>system preferences>spotlight>click on privacy tab2.then add "Macintosh HD" to the list by either dragging it or clicking the + button3.close the window and restart computer.4.go back to click on apple icon>system preferences>spotlight>click on privacy tab and select Macintosh HD and hit the -minus button to remove it.5.leave laptop on for about an hour, make sure it doesn't turn off and hopefully it works for you like it did me.I am using MBPro 16" Monterey 12.0.1 M1max chip 16.55 version outlook. and I kept the old outlook, not the new one.

I have similar issue as you, MBPro 14" Monterey 12.1 M1 pro chip, 16.55 outlook. And have not fixed it over one weeks. Could you let me know for 5.leave laptop on for about an hour, outlook shall be closed or not, can I open it during the reindex?

Note: if outlook throws an error message that something went wrong and your search couldn't be completed, the following key can be added to unbind the time threshold of 5 seconds when the outlook client is querying the Exchange server and waiting for a response.

If you do not see any search results coming up in your Outlook, you may want to rebuild the search index on your machine. This can be done through the Spotlight control panel or through Terminal. Note that your computer may be working slowly during reindexing.

Outlook search may have a hard time indexing your folder if there are a bunch of emails and other data inside one specific folder on your account. To make indexing work better, you can move some or all of your messages from one folder to another so that Spotlight is able to reindex it.

If none of the above steps work, you can try to reindex your Outlook database for the search function to be accessible again. For that, open the Terminal app on your Mac and enter the following command.

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, you can try deleting your Outlook profile from the Mac and re-adding it again. To delete your outlook profile, open the Outlook Profile Manager application from Method #2 by going to Applications > Microsoft Outlook > Show Package Contents > Contents > SharedSupport.

When you click on the Search Option to search for an email on outlook, Outlook will be searching for the mail in the currently selected mail folder. If the mail you are looking for is in a different folder, it won`t appear in the search results.

If you have contacts folders in different PSTs and don't want to include them in your search, you can remove them from the search by clicking on the arrow found on All Contacts Items and removing PSTs from the list.

Thanks for the tip "Find and Delete Index files to Rebuild the Index": this worked great for me! I have Outlook 2016 running on Windows 10. The "Rebuild the Search Index from within Outlook" always resulted in error messages saying that I didn't have sufficient priviledges for the folders (or something of the sort). Couldn't make it work and the Outlook search just didn't retrieve the correct results, eventhough the status said 0 elements remaining to index.I needed to abort some "Microsoft Windows Search" processes via Task Manager, since they were locking the files / folders. But after successfully removing the files and rebooting, Windows / Outlook begain reindexing everything.

Alfred uses an intelligent search scope to be fast and efficient. The results included in Alfred's default results include applications, contacts and other file types you've specified in your Default Results preferences.

This can sometimes be obvious because Spotlight won't show any results either, but in some cases, Spotlight may still be showing old cached data. Rebuilding the index will allow macOS to reindex all files, refreshing the results it provides you.

Before continuing, step 1 and 3 above are non-optional if you've upgraded to macOS Monterey. If you have skipped these steps, the reindexing will not work.

Some Mac users may feel that MacOS Monterey is running slower than a prior macOS release they had installed. This is fairly common after any major system software update, because after installing a new OS a variety of maintenance and indexing tasks are kicked off in the background to do things like rebuild the Spotlight search index and reindex photos.

Contacts app in MacOS 12.2.1 does not accept new contacts. Just beeps and needs to be restarted. No success with any kind of fix, yet. Was told it might be a permissions issue but checks do not actually show a problem.

Spotlight usually performs its work perfectly; however, sometimes you may face an issue when the Spotlight search is not working correctly, displaying odd results or stopping the search for items you know exist. In this case, rebuilding the Spotlight index can help you to resolve the issue. Follow our Spotlight troubleshooting guide to learn how to reindex Spotlight on your Mac.


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